Sunday, 30 September 2012

Brendon Small's Galaktikon Review

The first solo album by 'Dethklok' creator Brendon Small.

Described by Small him self as high-stakes, intergalactic, extreme rock album, that to me is this album put into words, it is high-stakes out of this world and amazing rock through out this whole thing.

With a story arc in the ablum, this really should have come with some kind of visual's other then the amazing looking cover, it felt like this could be a modern 'heavy metal' or a metal version of 'interstella 5555', each song telling a story and bringing forward badass and amazing image's, there is even a song that is just an instrumental that for me just really just brings forward the epic battle that it should go along with.

In the end this is really worth buying if you love metal, Dethklok or want a metal musical  that is pur badassness with gutiar, drums and everything that makes metal amazingly epic.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Review

Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Review

The animated adaption of one of the greatest batman story's ever written, well the first 1/2 of it anyway, and the part one i think it really dose live up to it. everything about this animation just get's the mood of the comic down to a tee.

I am all ready excited for part 2, which i will have to wait a year for -_-, but i am sure its just to make sure that it all fits perfectly and is one of the best of the new animated DC films that i have seen.

The voice acting being top notch and suiting each character well and none of  it seeming cheesy or badly done.

Its really hard to think of anything i didn't really like about this. The story is perfectly told with everything adding to it and really only making it even more awesome as an over all film. The ending clearly leads to part two and it isn't out of know where as they drop hints through out the whole film about what yo see at the end. The Animation is amazing and really top notch and really can't see anything anyone could complain about with his whole animated film.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lollipop chainsaw Review

Suda 51 latest game is a whole level of awesome to be, with the mix of creative and awesome character's, a different take on the zombie Apocalypse in a more colorful and over the top happiness makes this game as a whole a lot more different and a real stand out among other zombie game's, of course this is quite a normal Suda 51 one game, when you look at his past games this could really be consider a its a sort of normal game for his standers.

The Good

  • The Characters: There wasn't as single character that got a speaking line in this game that didn't make just think 'This is awesome!'', every character that you meet on this amazing video game adventure is really some of the most interesting and creative and original characters i have seen for such a long time.
  • The Boss fights: Along with them being awesome and creative bosses in character, the fights themselves are also different, having to face the same boss about three times and each time it is some what that is really different from the last, all though it could be considered the same, doge and attack, but that is the same for nearly all hack and slash game play this is sort of expected.
  • The Music: The music to this game is amazing, with the best parts being the boss fight music made by Jimmy Urine and it suits every boss fight, as with every boss representing a different genre of music, each boss battle show's that he clearly wanted to show this each time the music started, the games music overall really sure the type of game really suits the setting and the style of game that it is, with each musical choice just helping to show the style of game that it is.
  • The unlockable's: The large amount of things to unlock in this game is amazing, with all the combos (about 3 or 4 of them you will use), the only way to unlock everything is to play the game through more then once, so for anyone who loves to collect and run around a level this is a awesome game as its next to impossible to get everything in one play through.
  • The Story:The Story is over the top, full of amazing character and is really well written with funny jokes  and lines said by the character's, the story is really interesting and the characters as i said earlier in the review are amazing.
  • Voice Acting: The games voice acting is amazing!, and each character has a voice that really suits it, with each one being different in the way.
The Bad

  • The Repetitive game play: Now matter how many awesome rainbow's and flashy colors there are there is gonna be a lot of repetitive game-play that comes with the style of game that this is, hack and slash games are repetitive in there nature, but that is normal ignored because of the wide variety of move's that are present in the game, this is where lolipop chain saw is let down because you will really only use 2-3 of the combos you can unlock because they are the only useful one's.
  • The Camera: a little restricting when ever it is locked in place when doing certain game's.
  • The mini games: Where as there are a few good mini-games (zombie basketball, chainsaw dash and the farming one) the bad mini games sort of over weigh this such as (zombie baseball, the going up the face of a building 8-bit game, and nearly any mini game in that level.
  • Not much to do after the story: Once you finish playing the main story, unless you plan to play it through again to unlock everything, there is really not much point in buying the game, because all through the story is amazing it can be seen as really short, this is the one let down of the game, its short story and unless you are planning to play it through more then once there is not a lot you can do after the story is finished.

If your the type of person who plays a game to collect everything, then there is a lot to do in this game and really a lot to collect if you are planning to do multiply play through's is really the only way for any one playing this game to unlock everything. But if your someone who really would only play the game's story there is a not a lot of things to do with the game till after, all though with the amount of costumes, music, combo's and level ups to unlock you could spend a lot of time trying to unlock everything that the game has to offer.

So unless you are one of the type of games who want to collect and unlock everything then i would  say that you should buy this game, but if you just want to see the awesome story, cut scene's then i would just say do what i did and rent the game

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

SOME NERDYNESS: My online yu-gi-oh deck

like most of the internet, i started watching yu-gi-oh the abriged series

there, thats just some of the funnyess that comes from the brain of this show.

and i started trying to find a play to play yu-gi-oh online...the best place by far is

here is the deck that i use on there
Why i am i posting board thats why and wanted to post more but cba to reveiw anything so here is some nerdy hobbie that i do

its fun and simple and just passes the time so well its unbelivable

Review of Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

I have not played the 1st ninja storm, so jutsu clashing or what ever will not be talked about, coz i have no idea if i would like it or not.
Review of Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

The Good

  • its the same as ninja storm 2, awesome fighting moves and grapics that work well for the game.
  • The large amount of characters, with different moves and special moves for most of the characters 
  •  the area's look bright and colourful
  • The game is bright and colour, the world looks nice in HD is a bright and colourful setting with bright and colourful characters
  • the new yellow bar for substitution jutsus

The Bad

  • Some characters are just the same
  • the uilimate moves just seem smaller and less epic then they where in the 1st ninja storm, i have no idea why they made them shorter and less badass decay, i havn't played the first ninja storm but it looks a lot more epic
  • could of had alternative customes for everyone, not just certain characters 

i really am a big fan of fighting games, and this one is one of my Favorite fighting games, this is apart of the reason i have got into naruto in the first place, with the large number of characters and simple but hard fighting controls makes this a over all great game i would say go buy it...GO BUY IT NOW! 

Review of Batman Arkham city

Review of batman Arkham city 

The Good:

  • More of batman Arkham Asylum, I loved that game was my fav game of what ever year it came out
  • The free roam, Arkham City was a great setting...somthing that could only happen in a game or a comic book but a really great idea.
  • New animations, the new combat free flow animations look awesome and work well.
  • New playable characters: Catwoman, robin and Night wing. all in them selves are there own characters, some complanits about them but that will come up in the bad.
  • The story: The best part of the game and what really makes it the best Batman game ever made
  • The gameplay: its better then it was in Akham Asylum, as they improved on what was wrong, kept what was right and added to it to make it more awesome
  • The ending, very sad and dramatic 
  • the DLC story add on
  • The different visons for each character, each has its own use's and works differently to batmans

The Bad:

  • Nightwing and Robin, i feel they where let down by the fact they don't have any voice acting, i understand why night wing wouldn't as he wasn't featured in the main game at all, but as Robin was and has a voice, yet for the predator and challenge he is a mute. a little voice would have made the characters feel more well made.
  • the glitches, there small things. like when you take down a henchmen and he gets stuck in a wall or floor, as funny as it looks and is still a bad
  • Fancy bat vison, as much as i like using it, it is baicly just a big cheat book, the other playable characters don't really have this but is still pretty easy to just play the game with it on.

Overall this is a great game, i really like it and can't find any real problems with the game, as the developers learned from there last game, they got rid of the problems from arkham asylum, it is one of my fav games i have gotten new and i cannot wait for the next one or more DLC... because they will be...and there better be!

injustice: Gods Among Us

I am much more of a marvel fan, and don't know a lot about DC as it is, but i know the characters i like/.


The Question: proberly wont be, but can still hope coz he is cool

Green Lantern: He's a big hiting space hero, he will be in this and wearing some kind of amour like costume 

The Creeper: good guy joker, can't see why he couldn't be in the game 

Green Arrow: seeing as he is getting a TV show, i wouldn't see why DC would leave him out of the game

Nightwing/robin: i'm guessing it would be Nightwing or Robin, seeing as Robin was in arkham city and was pretty good playable character, i cant see why they would leave batmans male side kick out of the game

Batgirl: She hasn't been in a game yet, but i dought they will put 3 bat like people in game.


Deathstroke  He will more then likey be in the game, seeing as he is the next biggest ninja when put next to batman

Manchester Black: i like this character....badass telepath from the elite, he won't be in the game but i can hope because of the recent Superman vs the Elite cartoon film mo bob

Cheetah: Wonder womans main foe, i only know this from that from Justice League: Doom

Joker: he will be in the game, one of DC's biggest villains and i see no reason why, as he had the best joke in all of MKvs DC

Lex Luther: If super mans in a game, Lex will be in, in his big ass anit-superman suit

Mirror Master: i think he is a cool villain, powers could mix well in a fighting game with mirror based tricks

Mr.freeze/captain cold: The ice in the trailer means its either of these two, as the ice was aimmed at Flash proberly captain cold, but in the trailer harley was fighting Wonder woman so could be Mr.Freeze. 

Deadshot: Popular villian, and i don't think really done justice in Arkham City, so it would be cool seeing him in a game

Bane: Smart big guy would be cool in game, with or with out venom, would be cool seeing if they just did brutish bane or smart bane seeing as he is main villain in newest batman film he is likely to be in this game


Red Hood: would add a lot more backstory for batman and some emotional character interaction

Lobo: Why cant the big alien 'main man' be in the game, the pale alien i think would make a good addition to the game.

Catwoman: She was in MK vs DC, a popular character will proberly be in the game anyway.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Coming soon to a blog page here

I have been busy, ergo no time to make anything for this blog at all, i have a few things in the works so i just think i should update for any one who cares, which is not many but what ever

Things coming soon:

  • top ten mortal kombat fatailes
  • Review of Naruto ninja storm generations
  • Assassin Creed revelations review
  • Review of batman Arkham city
  • Review of brendon small's galaktikon
  • Reviw of seasons 1 and 2 of  metalocalypse

Theres the things i plan to do in no real order but all of them will get done at some point so just wait and see

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Review of Soul Calibur 5

The Good 

  • The story, even if its a short one, is very good and interesting way to show the new characters in the game
  • The new characters, none of them are simple the same character they are meant to replace from the last game they have little differences in personality and moves that make them there own character, and the two strange characters, the wolf one and the crystal ball, both have interesting move's and very creative design 
  • The character creation, its just so much better compared to when it was 1st introduced has come leaps and bounds with a lot more customization
  • The Guest character attachly fitting the setting, as much as i like really didn't fit the setting at all, Eizo fits into Soul Calibur very well and is a fun character to play.
  • Devil Jin...its a cool fighting style to use..thats it...LASER EYES! 

The Bad

  • The lack of an arcade story mode, i don't see why they didn't put this in, every fighting game has one...i can understand if they where trying to concentrate on the story mode with cut scene's and introductions of the two new characters, This means that most of the older characters are just ignored..and just seem they are put there to fill out the roster and do nothing else
  • The shortness of the story, all though it was was pretty short, when compared with another fighting game that had both a story mode and arcade story's (Mortal Kombat 9) there story line was much longer and they still put in the arcade endings.
  • The Point system, i don't get why you get points even when losing, i am rubbish at this game..and i ended by taking like 10-20 minutes to beat nightmare in arcade mode...i unlocked a large amount of things by getting my ass kicked and getting 40 points per loss.
  • over priced DLC....i don't even need to look for the price to know that one character is around 5.00, it just really pisses me off that just a single character would cost that much, WWE 12 for example..a character is 40 Xbox live points each... that's barely a 1.00 pound for two characters.


Over all Soul Calibur 5 is a good Soul game, the characters are fun to play and the stages look amazing, the new characters make the game feel like it is aging well and the adding off two guest characters, Ezio and Devil Jin (Jin being a hidden one) really work well,  it is a good fighting game and i may get round to buying it and not just renting it, but i am still glad i didn't buy it new, as the non acrae endings just really ruin the game for me.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ninja sex party - NSFW, Music Review

I find this band to be one of the funniest and underrated guys on youtube, so the moment there album 'NSFW' which means 'not safe for work' and that album very much has the right name, if you don't want to spend  a few minutes explaining the more songs base about sex, which is all of them (all of them has something to do with sex) i wouldn't play them out loud at work...or with a family member, a man in a bright blue lycra jumpsuit singing with a ninja pianist.
most of there music videos that are on there channel (NinjaSexParty)  are cheaply made for laugh, have obvoius 'stunt doll' edits and green screen's just add to how funny the songs and video's are.

Of course if like most didn't hear of this band untill  egoraptor  animated there Dinosaur Laser Fight video, yes that is what it sounds like, is when i found them and have never regretted listening to them for a minute.

all of the songs on the abulm are not a disappointment, both the new songs they only started making video's for or the older songs that all ready came with the music videos.
I would recomen this to anyone who is a large fan of slightly childish sex jokes, and video's that can only really make you laugh i would have to reomcend them to any one with that style of humor and to buy there album. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Favorite youtubers

The ask a ninja guy

Ninja Sex Party
(i like ninja's!)
one of my fav comedy bands that i found by accident and have never regretted it 

 LittleKuriboh (CardGamesFTW)
my fav abriged, i also think the best person doing it 

your favorite martian
i don't like Ray William Johnson at all...i think he isn't funny, his songs with his fake animated band on the other hand, i enjoy very much.

now...i can't be asked to make this much there we go

Sunday, 12 February 2012

RPG Idea

as it gose with most fanasty RPGs, The elves, dwarfs are very Tolkien like  and humans are allways the bastards, i aw this when playing dragon age, and is a point that i am sure a few people have brought forward before. so why has no one sort of turned this idea on its head.
My idea for an RPG would be that you pick from one of a number of race's (when i think of more there will be a number), set in the fantasy style RPG with a cyber punk setting.

The elves, being goggle wearing very good with technology using swords, stealth tech and long rang laser rifles, have little care for nature and put all there trust into the tech and weapons they use, most being loud mouthed, arrogant and war mongering race, a large percentage of there race living in massive floating air ships, being sky pirates

Humans, are all around average people, not the biggest bastards in the universe but there not goody two shoe's either, spending most of there time on the ground, defending them slevs from elves

Dwarfs are  more like samurai, sticking with heavy amour and at least one or two well made weapons, very little skill with long range weapons, very honer bound and not really loud and humble by there skills.
This is an idea that will go no where at feel free to take it, just credit me for it...even if its just a name i couldn't even care less if i got money for this idea

Idea for a sitcom...steal at your own risk!

The Four Horsemen sharing a apartment building in limbo (grey foggy area filled with nothing but this large apartment complex) waiting for 2012 when they are heard they will be riding there horse's to earth to end the world

also in this apartment complex are the human personifications of: The 7 deadly sins, love, creativity, Mother Nature, Chaos, weirdness, different music genres: Punk, Techno, Rock.
More will pop up as ideas come to me

its about Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death (Famine and Pestilence may be switched out for the darksiders idea of Fury and Strife), the only two determined characters are Death and War.

Death would be a relaxed and landed back by the idea of starting the world ending, seeing it more as a job, he would be the nephew of the grim reaper, as grim is to old to be leading the four horsemen, its up to his lay about nephew to get ready for it.

War would be an Athletic young woman, daughter to Ares and has no wish to be the horsewoman War, wanting to be something that helps and not ends the human race, envying most other occupants of the apartment complex  as they either enspire of help the human's 

best guess if this idea gose anywhere, knowing me it won't, it would most like it to end up as either a radio play or animated, as i feel it gives more freedom to the world i am creating

copyright is for me and me alone!....untill i say so

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Ultimate Collection

  • Art: I love the art in this Comic, the character's , the buildings the back grounds all just look really awesome to me, even if the 5 main characters all wear long coats of badassry, all 5 of the characters all have a original look to me, the bad guys through out the story are all original and cool looking.
  • Story: The story of the whole grapic novel is reallly cool, a strange take on the whole fighting evil thing, with the strange array of villians, this is the comic that invented the elvis M.O.D.O.K, gaint monkey wolverine and a cyclops brontosaurus all the same hallway, and it is all a 100% justicfied by the awesome story. 
  • Character's: the 5 main characters are all either awesome parodies of there earlier selves presented in marvel comics, leaving the only orgianl hero of 'Captain *****' as one of the funniest names in comics as well as the reason for him having said name.
  • Covers: the covers for each part of the Ultimate collection each have a very unique covers, like i had never really seen from comics i have read before, shwoing off the freaky and weridness through out the comic.  

Overall this is one of my Favorite super hero comics, its funny, it doesn't take its self to seriously and the characters are memorable intresting, the action is both funny and cool so keeps me very interested, the art looks really good to me and suits the whole style of the comic well

i hope that this comic gets some sort of animated thing, seeing as marvel seem to be pushing anime's...and they are not 1/2 bad to be honest

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Review of Ask a Ninja Presents The Ninja Handbook: This Book Looks Forward to Killing You Soon

thats right...i review books as well

I still have yet to finish the book as i start reveiwing it, but to be honest i took the hint and skilled forward to the funniest parts, as the audio book on the ninja's you tube channel suggested,
the book has the same sort of humor as the Vlog just in book form

there is the 1st part of the book in audio form, letting the ninja speak for him self and i mean, this sold the book for me

this is one of the funniest books i have read in a really really long time, it keeps the same humor as the orginal and if you read it in the ninja's voice it even seems like just one really long episode 

well reocomended book to anyone who likes ninja's, dislikes pierates or just wants to be a ninja with impossible and kickassry level's of skill

Comic Review: Millar & McNiven's Nemesis

  •  Story: its pretty interesting considering what it is, with out spoilers because that would be rude, all togethor i think it hangs about nicly and lets you see the characters as who they are...either hero's or just the utter bastard that Nemesis him self is 
  • Art: the Art style of Nemesis is quite nice and good looking and pretty, it looks much the same as kick-ass but kickass looks good in art style as well.
  • Characters: the two main characters are intresting to say the least, Nemesis him self has alot of twist's in his back story that changes the whole of the story a few times in all honest, you are shown the characters brutal and twisted nature right away, with a large train and man tied to a chair, through out the comic he is shown as the way he is described in the picture above 'what if Batman was a total cunt. The other main character and good guy is  police Chief Inspector Blake Morrow, he seem's like your average if stupidly brave cop good guy, looking to take down the bad guy and win the day, Nemesis aims to destoy this man for revenge, or so it seems.
  • Covers: The covers for each issue are in the graphic novel, and they are all pretty bad ass if i don't say so my self, each of them with nemesis looking awesome and slightly dangerous, the variant covers are all pretty much the same style, Nemesis showing off in awesome ways, apart from Cover 4 # witch is part of the coloured version of Millars cross over of Kick ass, Nemesis and  Superior, only part of it though

Over all, a pretty fun comic, and i am a fan of Mark Millar so really can't complain because he dose good work, Nemesis include

X-men Destiny- 5 things the game's squeal will need

X-men Destiny was never a good game, it was a fun distration of a super hero game untill batman arkham city came out, i think that this really needs a sequel and it would really need to improve on the whole game in the sequel that should happen and how they could make massive imporment

1. Choice's really matter
Any choice in that game, your character, your side...your anything..i mean really, nothing mattered in that game at all, even the powers...all the combo's where the same really considering, none of the choice's even effected the game world...making the whole moral choice and any choice really not be important.

2. Characters
The real X-men characters in the game where good, i think they where voice and portrayed well in the game, the 3 characters you get to pick from...not so much, the big football player, the angry guy with the only interesting story  and Asian girl, none of them where really interesting or completing characters at all...i mean...what little back story you are given for all of them but the angry guy are either boring or just hints that they are related to another famous mutant who for some reason sets him self on fire to hide,

3. Setting
some free roam would have been nice, they set up this game saying you would ahve free to pick your don' walk around one city...and some small base...its all the same and quite boring and repetitive, change it up and making it different would lend a lot ot making this game better.

4. Customization
Picking your destiny dose not mean picking from 3 preset characters, picking your destiny means making your own character, not from the 3 present only slightly intresting character.
If they put some sort of real work in to the games voices and story they coul dhave done the whole preset 2nd name thing, or preset voice that bioware do.

5. Custome
i hated the customes you randomly picked up...only about 2 of them looked any good and made very little sense as it was, better one of these would be good, the only 2 that looked good where the ones you got at the end of the story
(i have more shut up!)
6. story.
make a much better far!

7.  powers that suit your present power
the picking up of powers to add to your preset powers is a cool idea, but grabbing woliveries claws to energy blast is a stupid idea and doesn't work at all

Friday, 27 January 2012

Review of WWE 12

My review of WWE 12...if the title didn't give it away..also if any one is really reading this anyway meh.

The Good

  • its mildly addictive, for some reason i can mindless play this game with out getting bored...its really weird
  • the level of customization has got better, being able to make your own entrance video's for each character (even if it takes along time), the adding in of old supers stars entrerne's (Old R-truth, old randy orton's) as well as the older Tag team entrances , music and video's adds a whole level of customization to the game for tag teams and superstars.
  • the road to wrestlemania: when it was told it was a 3 person story i really wasn't expecting that much from it, but it was a lot better then i guessed, the villain story was OTT and could really only be done in the video game and not in the real WWE spoilers are highlighted (shamus basicly ends up taking over the WWE and getting every champion ship, even the tag one's, to him self and then you win) this wouldn't happen at all in the show ever...mabe the stable they make in the game (the UK) but it has all ready sort of been done but to a lot less power and more flag burning then title stealing, the Out sider story line is Triple HHH's go...the interconnection of the story line  just stops after a few minutes, then its just ignoring everything that had happened before...which was sucky but never the less the HHH story line was pretty good, the hero stroy line was for me by far the best, making your own character...was cool but the voice acting wasn't really really that good..considering they got a wrestler who wasn't even part of the WWE roster which was good as the character was mentioned by name, had its own finshishers and cut scene's that where not generic. over all  the road to wrestlemania was pretty good.
  • the wake up taunt, its a cool and simple way so you don't have to stand people up
  • the made the titles bigger and got rid of the stupid title floating shoulder all have no idea how annoying that was to me
  • the unlockables: super stars, area's, old belts was all cool
  • WWE Universe mode is pretty interesting with the interference, the brand editor was good
  • the new area maker was really cool, a really good addition for to the game i hope they don't get rid of (like the title maker)

The Bad

  • how short the RTW was...considering it was pretty epic story wise i wish they could just made it last a bit longer
  • i still can't use the logo maker at all...i just don't like it
  • added nothing new the character creation, every choice for the supers appearance is basically the same, there where some little bits added...but not much
  • WWE felt the same as last year, very little changed and the matches nearly allways being the same no matter what...
  • the glitches...ranging from funny floating in the air, and the title belt weapon litery boucning 50 Ft into the air when it is has been thrown, people foalting into the air...from the annoying match frezeing mid match.
  • The A.I., it has indeed got harder in the game...but not in a challenging sense..more it randomly gets a burst of awesome power from no where..counting everything and hitting large powerful moves, and how really stupid they can be...i one an iron man match by standing ontop of a ladder...becuase the A.I didn't even hit it or climb up.
Over all

its an all right game, not really thinking it would be amazing..its a WWE game, i play these games because i like them and its not like there is another wresting game to get....WWE have owned this part of the video game franchise and there really is no sign of anything else knocking it off.
its not really what they have added tot he game...its what they have taken away which has made the game worse, only slightly adding new good things every now and then