Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Ultimate Collection

  • Art: I love the art in this Comic, the character's , the buildings the back grounds all just look really awesome to me, even if the 5 main characters all wear long coats of badassry, all 5 of the characters all have a original look to me, the bad guys through out the story are all original and cool looking.
  • Story: The story of the whole grapic novel is reallly cool, a strange take on the whole fighting evil thing, with the strange array of villians, this is the comic that invented the elvis M.O.D.O.K, gaint monkey wolverine and a cyclops brontosaurus all the same hallway, and it is all a 100% justicfied by the awesome story. 
  • Character's: the 5 main characters are all either awesome parodies of there earlier selves presented in marvel comics, leaving the only orgianl hero of 'Captain *****' as one of the funniest names in comics as well as the reason for him having said name.
  • Covers: the covers for each part of the Ultimate collection each have a very unique covers, like i had never really seen from comics i have read before, shwoing off the freaky and weridness through out the comic.  

Overall this is one of my Favorite super hero comics, its funny, it doesn't take its self to seriously and the characters are memorable intresting, the action is both funny and cool so keeps me very interested, the art looks really good to me and suits the whole style of the comic well

i hope that this comic gets some sort of animated thing, seeing as marvel seem to be pushing anime's...and they are not 1/2 bad to be honest

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