Sunday, 5 February 2012

Comic Review: Millar & McNiven's Nemesis

  •  Story: its pretty interesting considering what it is, with out spoilers because that would be rude, all togethor i think it hangs about nicly and lets you see the characters as who they are...either hero's or just the utter bastard that Nemesis him self is 
  • Art: the Art style of Nemesis is quite nice and good looking and pretty, it looks much the same as kick-ass but kickass looks good in art style as well.
  • Characters: the two main characters are intresting to say the least, Nemesis him self has alot of twist's in his back story that changes the whole of the story a few times in all honest, you are shown the characters brutal and twisted nature right away, with a large train and man tied to a chair, through out the comic he is shown as the way he is described in the picture above 'what if Batman was a total cunt. The other main character and good guy is  police Chief Inspector Blake Morrow, he seem's like your average if stupidly brave cop good guy, looking to take down the bad guy and win the day, Nemesis aims to destoy this man for revenge, or so it seems.
  • Covers: The covers for each issue are in the graphic novel, and they are all pretty bad ass if i don't say so my self, each of them with nemesis looking awesome and slightly dangerous, the variant covers are all pretty much the same style, Nemesis showing off in awesome ways, apart from Cover 4 # witch is part of the coloured version of Millars cross over of Kick ass, Nemesis and  Superior, only part of it though

Over all, a pretty fun comic, and i am a fan of Mark Millar so really can't complain because he dose good work, Nemesis include

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