Wednesday, 6 June 2012

SOME NERDYNESS: My online yu-gi-oh deck

like most of the internet, i started watching yu-gi-oh the abriged series

there, thats just some of the funnyess that comes from the brain of this show.

and i started trying to find a play to play yu-gi-oh online...the best place by far is

here is the deck that i use on there
Why i am i posting board thats why and wanted to post more but cba to reveiw anything so here is some nerdy hobbie that i do

its fun and simple and just passes the time so well its unbelivable

Review of Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

I have not played the 1st ninja storm, so jutsu clashing or what ever will not be talked about, coz i have no idea if i would like it or not.
Review of Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

The Good

  • its the same as ninja storm 2, awesome fighting moves and grapics that work well for the game.
  • The large amount of characters, with different moves and special moves for most of the characters 
  •  the area's look bright and colourful
  • The game is bright and colour, the world looks nice in HD is a bright and colourful setting with bright and colourful characters
  • the new yellow bar for substitution jutsus

The Bad

  • Some characters are just the same
  • the uilimate moves just seem smaller and less epic then they where in the 1st ninja storm, i have no idea why they made them shorter and less badass decay, i havn't played the first ninja storm but it looks a lot more epic
  • could of had alternative customes for everyone, not just certain characters 

i really am a big fan of fighting games, and this one is one of my Favorite fighting games, this is apart of the reason i have got into naruto in the first place, with the large number of characters and simple but hard fighting controls makes this a over all great game i would say go buy it...GO BUY IT NOW! 

Review of Batman Arkham city

Review of batman Arkham city 

The Good:

  • More of batman Arkham Asylum, I loved that game was my fav game of what ever year it came out
  • The free roam, Arkham City was a great setting...somthing that could only happen in a game or a comic book but a really great idea.
  • New animations, the new combat free flow animations look awesome and work well.
  • New playable characters: Catwoman, robin and Night wing. all in them selves are there own characters, some complanits about them but that will come up in the bad.
  • The story: The best part of the game and what really makes it the best Batman game ever made
  • The gameplay: its better then it was in Akham Asylum, as they improved on what was wrong, kept what was right and added to it to make it more awesome
  • The ending, very sad and dramatic 
  • the DLC story add on
  • The different visons for each character, each has its own use's and works differently to batmans

The Bad:

  • Nightwing and Robin, i feel they where let down by the fact they don't have any voice acting, i understand why night wing wouldn't as he wasn't featured in the main game at all, but as Robin was and has a voice, yet for the predator and challenge he is a mute. a little voice would have made the characters feel more well made.
  • the glitches, there small things. like when you take down a henchmen and he gets stuck in a wall or floor, as funny as it looks and is still a bad
  • Fancy bat vison, as much as i like using it, it is baicly just a big cheat book, the other playable characters don't really have this but is still pretty easy to just play the game with it on.

Overall this is a great game, i really like it and can't find any real problems with the game, as the developers learned from there last game, they got rid of the problems from arkham asylum, it is one of my fav games i have gotten new and i cannot wait for the next one or more DLC... because they will be...and there better be!

injustice: Gods Among Us

I am much more of a marvel fan, and don't know a lot about DC as it is, but i know the characters i like/.


The Question: proberly wont be, but can still hope coz he is cool

Green Lantern: He's a big hiting space hero, he will be in this and wearing some kind of amour like costume 

The Creeper: good guy joker, can't see why he couldn't be in the game 

Green Arrow: seeing as he is getting a TV show, i wouldn't see why DC would leave him out of the game

Nightwing/robin: i'm guessing it would be Nightwing or Robin, seeing as Robin was in arkham city and was pretty good playable character, i cant see why they would leave batmans male side kick out of the game

Batgirl: She hasn't been in a game yet, but i dought they will put 3 bat like people in game.


Deathstroke  He will more then likey be in the game, seeing as he is the next biggest ninja when put next to batman

Manchester Black: i like this character....badass telepath from the elite, he won't be in the game but i can hope because of the recent Superman vs the Elite cartoon film mo bob

Cheetah: Wonder womans main foe, i only know this from that from Justice League: Doom

Joker: he will be in the game, one of DC's biggest villains and i see no reason why, as he had the best joke in all of MKvs DC

Lex Luther: If super mans in a game, Lex will be in, in his big ass anit-superman suit

Mirror Master: i think he is a cool villain, powers could mix well in a fighting game with mirror based tricks

Mr.freeze/captain cold: The ice in the trailer means its either of these two, as the ice was aimmed at Flash proberly captain cold, but in the trailer harley was fighting Wonder woman so could be Mr.Freeze. 

Deadshot: Popular villian, and i don't think really done justice in Arkham City, so it would be cool seeing him in a game

Bane: Smart big guy would be cool in game, with or with out venom, would be cool seeing if they just did brutish bane or smart bane seeing as he is main villain in newest batman film he is likely to be in this game


Red Hood: would add a lot more backstory for batman and some emotional character interaction

Lobo: Why cant the big alien 'main man' be in the game, the pale alien i think would make a good addition to the game.

Catwoman: She was in MK vs DC, a popular character will proberly be in the game anyway.