Sunday, 11 March 2012

Review of Soul Calibur 5

The Good 

  • The story, even if its a short one, is very good and interesting way to show the new characters in the game
  • The new characters, none of them are simple the same character they are meant to replace from the last game they have little differences in personality and moves that make them there own character, and the two strange characters, the wolf one and the crystal ball, both have interesting move's and very creative design 
  • The character creation, its just so much better compared to when it was 1st introduced has come leaps and bounds with a lot more customization
  • The Guest character attachly fitting the setting, as much as i like really didn't fit the setting at all, Eizo fits into Soul Calibur very well and is a fun character to play.
  • Devil Jin...its a cool fighting style to use..thats it...LASER EYES! 

The Bad

  • The lack of an arcade story mode, i don't see why they didn't put this in, every fighting game has one...i can understand if they where trying to concentrate on the story mode with cut scene's and introductions of the two new characters, This means that most of the older characters are just ignored..and just seem they are put there to fill out the roster and do nothing else
  • The shortness of the story, all though it was was pretty short, when compared with another fighting game that had both a story mode and arcade story's (Mortal Kombat 9) there story line was much longer and they still put in the arcade endings.
  • The Point system, i don't get why you get points even when losing, i am rubbish at this game..and i ended by taking like 10-20 minutes to beat nightmare in arcade mode...i unlocked a large amount of things by getting my ass kicked and getting 40 points per loss.
  • over priced DLC....i don't even need to look for the price to know that one character is around 5.00, it just really pisses me off that just a single character would cost that much, WWE 12 for example..a character is 40 Xbox live points each... that's barely a 1.00 pound for two characters.


Over all Soul Calibur 5 is a good Soul game, the characters are fun to play and the stages look amazing, the new characters make the game feel like it is aging well and the adding off two guest characters, Ezio and Devil Jin (Jin being a hidden one) really work well,  it is a good fighting game and i may get round to buying it and not just renting it, but i am still glad i didn't buy it new, as the non acrae endings just really ruin the game for me.

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