Sunday, 12 February 2012

RPG Idea

as it gose with most fanasty RPGs, The elves, dwarfs are very Tolkien like  and humans are allways the bastards, i aw this when playing dragon age, and is a point that i am sure a few people have brought forward before. so why has no one sort of turned this idea on its head.
My idea for an RPG would be that you pick from one of a number of race's (when i think of more there will be a number), set in the fantasy style RPG with a cyber punk setting.

The elves, being goggle wearing very good with technology using swords, stealth tech and long rang laser rifles, have little care for nature and put all there trust into the tech and weapons they use, most being loud mouthed, arrogant and war mongering race, a large percentage of there race living in massive floating air ships, being sky pirates

Humans, are all around average people, not the biggest bastards in the universe but there not goody two shoe's either, spending most of there time on the ground, defending them slevs from elves

Dwarfs are  more like samurai, sticking with heavy amour and at least one or two well made weapons, very little skill with long range weapons, very honer bound and not really loud and humble by there skills.
This is an idea that will go no where at feel free to take it, just credit me for it...even if its just a name i couldn't even care less if i got money for this idea

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