Friday, 27 January 2012

Review of WWE 12

My review of WWE 12...if the title didn't give it away..also if any one is really reading this anyway meh.

The Good

  • its mildly addictive, for some reason i can mindless play this game with out getting bored...its really weird
  • the level of customization has got better, being able to make your own entrance video's for each character (even if it takes along time), the adding in of old supers stars entrerne's (Old R-truth, old randy orton's) as well as the older Tag team entrances , music and video's adds a whole level of customization to the game for tag teams and superstars.
  • the road to wrestlemania: when it was told it was a 3 person story i really wasn't expecting that much from it, but it was a lot better then i guessed, the villain story was OTT and could really only be done in the video game and not in the real WWE spoilers are highlighted (shamus basicly ends up taking over the WWE and getting every champion ship, even the tag one's, to him self and then you win) this wouldn't happen at all in the show ever...mabe the stable they make in the game (the UK) but it has all ready sort of been done but to a lot less power and more flag burning then title stealing, the Out sider story line is Triple HHH's go...the interconnection of the story line  just stops after a few minutes, then its just ignoring everything that had happened before...which was sucky but never the less the HHH story line was pretty good, the hero stroy line was for me by far the best, making your own character...was cool but the voice acting wasn't really really that good..considering they got a wrestler who wasn't even part of the WWE roster which was good as the character was mentioned by name, had its own finshishers and cut scene's that where not generic. over all  the road to wrestlemania was pretty good.
  • the wake up taunt, its a cool and simple way so you don't have to stand people up
  • the made the titles bigger and got rid of the stupid title floating shoulder all have no idea how annoying that was to me
  • the unlockables: super stars, area's, old belts was all cool
  • WWE Universe mode is pretty interesting with the interference, the brand editor was good
  • the new area maker was really cool, a really good addition for to the game i hope they don't get rid of (like the title maker)

The Bad

  • how short the RTW was...considering it was pretty epic story wise i wish they could just made it last a bit longer
  • i still can't use the logo maker at all...i just don't like it
  • added nothing new the character creation, every choice for the supers appearance is basically the same, there where some little bits added...but not much
  • WWE felt the same as last year, very little changed and the matches nearly allways being the same no matter what...
  • the glitches...ranging from funny floating in the air, and the title belt weapon litery boucning 50 Ft into the air when it is has been thrown, people foalting into the air...from the annoying match frezeing mid match.
  • The A.I., it has indeed got harder in the game...but not in a challenging sense..more it randomly gets a burst of awesome power from no where..counting everything and hitting large powerful moves, and how really stupid they can be...i one an iron man match by standing ontop of a ladder...becuase the A.I didn't even hit it or climb up.
Over all

its an all right game, not really thinking it would be amazing..its a WWE game, i play these games because i like them and its not like there is another wresting game to get....WWE have owned this part of the video game franchise and there really is no sign of anything else knocking it off.
its not really what they have added tot he game...its what they have taken away which has made the game worse, only slightly adding new good things every now and then

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