Sunday, 12 February 2012

Idea for a sitcom...steal at your own risk!

The Four Horsemen sharing a apartment building in limbo (grey foggy area filled with nothing but this large apartment complex) waiting for 2012 when they are heard they will be riding there horse's to earth to end the world

also in this apartment complex are the human personifications of: The 7 deadly sins, love, creativity, Mother Nature, Chaos, weirdness, different music genres: Punk, Techno, Rock.
More will pop up as ideas come to me

its about Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death (Famine and Pestilence may be switched out for the darksiders idea of Fury and Strife), the only two determined characters are Death and War.

Death would be a relaxed and landed back by the idea of starting the world ending, seeing it more as a job, he would be the nephew of the grim reaper, as grim is to old to be leading the four horsemen, its up to his lay about nephew to get ready for it.

War would be an Athletic young woman, daughter to Ares and has no wish to be the horsewoman War, wanting to be something that helps and not ends the human race, envying most other occupants of the apartment complex  as they either enspire of help the human's 

best guess if this idea gose anywhere, knowing me it won't, it would most like it to end up as either a radio play or animated, as i feel it gives more freedom to the world i am creating

copyright is for me and me alone!....untill i say so