Sunday, 5 February 2012

X-men Destiny- 5 things the game's squeal will need

X-men Destiny was never a good game, it was a fun distration of a super hero game untill batman arkham city came out, i think that this really needs a sequel and it would really need to improve on the whole game in the sequel that should happen and how they could make massive imporment

1. Choice's really matter
Any choice in that game, your character, your side...your anything..i mean really, nothing mattered in that game at all, even the powers...all the combo's where the same really considering, none of the choice's even effected the game world...making the whole moral choice and any choice really not be important.

2. Characters
The real X-men characters in the game where good, i think they where voice and portrayed well in the game, the 3 characters you get to pick from...not so much, the big football player, the angry guy with the only interesting story  and Asian girl, none of them where really interesting or completing characters at all...i mean...what little back story you are given for all of them but the angry guy are either boring or just hints that they are related to another famous mutant who for some reason sets him self on fire to hide,

3. Setting
some free roam would have been nice, they set up this game saying you would ahve free to pick your don' walk around one city...and some small base...its all the same and quite boring and repetitive, change it up and making it different would lend a lot ot making this game better.

4. Customization
Picking your destiny dose not mean picking from 3 preset characters, picking your destiny means making your own character, not from the 3 present only slightly intresting character.
If they put some sort of real work in to the games voices and story they coul dhave done the whole preset 2nd name thing, or preset voice that bioware do.

5. Custome
i hated the customes you randomly picked up...only about 2 of them looked any good and made very little sense as it was, better one of these would be good, the only 2 that looked good where the ones you got at the end of the story
(i have more shut up!)
6. story.
make a much better far!

7.  powers that suit your present power
the picking up of powers to add to your preset powers is a cool idea, but grabbing woliveries claws to energy blast is a stupid idea and doesn't work at all

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