Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lollipop chainsaw Review

Suda 51 latest game is a whole level of awesome to be, with the mix of creative and awesome character's, a different take on the zombie Apocalypse in a more colorful and over the top happiness makes this game as a whole a lot more different and a real stand out among other zombie game's, of course this is quite a normal Suda 51 one game, when you look at his past games this could really be consider a its a sort of normal game for his standers.

The Good

  • The Characters: There wasn't as single character that got a speaking line in this game that didn't make just think 'This is awesome!'', every character that you meet on this amazing video game adventure is really some of the most interesting and creative and original characters i have seen for such a long time.
  • The Boss fights: Along with them being awesome and creative bosses in character, the fights themselves are also different, having to face the same boss about three times and each time it is some what that is really different from the last, all though it could be considered the same, doge and attack, but that is the same for nearly all hack and slash game play this is sort of expected.
  • The Music: The music to this game is amazing, with the best parts being the boss fight music made by Jimmy Urine and it suits every boss fight, as with every boss representing a different genre of music, each boss battle show's that he clearly wanted to show this each time the music started, the games music overall really sure the type of game really suits the setting and the style of game that it is, with each musical choice just helping to show the style of game that it is.
  • The unlockable's: The large amount of things to unlock in this game is amazing, with all the combos (about 3 or 4 of them you will use), the only way to unlock everything is to play the game through more then once, so for anyone who loves to collect and run around a level this is a awesome game as its next to impossible to get everything in one play through.
  • The Story:The Story is over the top, full of amazing character and is really well written with funny jokes  and lines said by the character's, the story is really interesting and the characters as i said earlier in the review are amazing.
  • Voice Acting: The games voice acting is amazing!, and each character has a voice that really suits it, with each one being different in the way.
The Bad

  • The Repetitive game play: Now matter how many awesome rainbow's and flashy colors there are there is gonna be a lot of repetitive game-play that comes with the style of game that this is, hack and slash games are repetitive in there nature, but that is normal ignored because of the wide variety of move's that are present in the game, this is where lolipop chain saw is let down because you will really only use 2-3 of the combos you can unlock because they are the only useful one's.
  • The Camera: a little restricting when ever it is locked in place when doing certain game's.
  • The mini games: Where as there are a few good mini-games (zombie basketball, chainsaw dash and the farming one) the bad mini games sort of over weigh this such as (zombie baseball, the going up the face of a building 8-bit game, and nearly any mini game in that level.
  • Not much to do after the story: Once you finish playing the main story, unless you plan to play it through again to unlock everything, there is really not much point in buying the game, because all through the story is amazing it can be seen as really short, this is the one let down of the game, its short story and unless you are planning to play it through more then once there is not a lot you can do after the story is finished.

If your the type of person who plays a game to collect everything, then there is a lot to do in this game and really a lot to collect if you are planning to do multiply play through's is really the only way for any one playing this game to unlock everything. But if your someone who really would only play the game's story there is a not a lot of things to do with the game till after, all though with the amount of costumes, music, combo's and level ups to unlock you could spend a lot of time trying to unlock everything that the game has to offer.

So unless you are one of the type of games who want to collect and unlock everything then i would  say that you should buy this game, but if you just want to see the awesome story, cut scene's then i would just say do what i did and rent the game

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