Saturday, 31 December 2011

top games i want coming out in 2012

10.  Lolilpop Chainsaw

Ignoring the whole, cheerleader with a chain saw fighting zombies
this is a suda 51 one game, they are always funny to me no matter how mature i pretend to be.
This game looks like a fun hack and slash zombie game.

9. Anarchy Reigns
I liked madworld, that and house of the dead overkill where my fav game's on the Wii
this is basically madworld with a bigger budget and more characters to play as.

8.DMC (Devil may Cry)
this looks fun, i couldn't care less if dante hair was different and he smokes, so what, gameplay looks cool, level design looks pretty amazing honestly looks like a good DMC game, last and only one ihave played beinf DMC 4
7.Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

This looks like loads of fun to be had, i have never played Resident evil, but i am thinking about picking one of the games up as they looklike a fun way to shoot zombies in the face.

6. SSX (that new awesome looking one)

This looks like it will be the skate of sword boarding games, the best one, though i'm not really sure how many snowboarding games there are so meh.
the level design looks one of a kind, the gameplay looks fun and the whole flying squeirl things just look like fun to use.

5. NeverDead

Rolling about as just a head trying to kill demons that are loads x bigger then you in normal games is fun, doing it and you can't die just add's a whole level off i can do what i like coz i can't die, guessing there will be more punishments in the game then just missing limbs over wise it will get boring quite quickly but other then that, this game looks like it will be so much fun to play in the new year.

4. Hitman Absolution

Blood money was the best stealth game i have played, properly because it was the only one i was good at that didn't have batman in the title.
but anyway, hitman games are loads of fun and this one just looks amazing, the level design, graphics and everything about the game play above just makes this game look really good

3.Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation 

I love the 2nd one of this game, and this one looks even better, with the sort of new characters and the real new characters, plus i really like fighting games so can't really complain.

2. Soul Calibur V
I love fighting games, Soul Claibur is one of my fav's, for the characters and the fact i really like swords.
The main reason its not number 1 is the fact its a 3D fighter, and i like 2d one's more.

1. Street Fighter X Tekken
I am really really excited for this game, this cross over looks like it will out do Marvel vs Capcom 3 by far, and it will be better then the one namco is working on as i prefer 2D fighters i just think it suits the play style better 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saints Row the third Review

The Good

  • How much fun it is to play the missions
  • The games story line had me hooked, i think its the only game where i just wanted to get the story done to find out what happen
  • New side missions
  • Professor Genki, just this character's side mission and random fight in the game you can have with him, makes Saints row the only game where i have punched a cat man in the groin.
  • The Insane things you can make with character customization 
  • leveling up system made cop's and gang members atachly a threat, if you didn't level up you would die.
  • New Specialists gang members, the deckers teleporting hammer carrying girl, the morning star sinpers where the annoying but fun to fight one's..the other's, just seemed lke regular enemies really
  • Voice acting is amazing in this game, the choice of Voice for your character alone is awesome on its own, the voice's and characters through out the world of the game just add's a whole level of coolness
The Bad
  • The sky falling levels, i didn't like them....they just sort of annoyed me 
  • Lack of tattoo placement,  i would have liked the game to let you choose any tattoo you can have any where not just certain one's in certain place's
  • The developers should have kept some secrets, think about playing the game...and not knowing about 1/2 the crazy shit in it, that for me would have made the game as a whole a lot better, before beating killbane and he talks about the apocofist, if i had no idea what that was it would have made me much more interested to get them my 1st play through, or hiding the fact the game has zombies in it would have made them a much bigger moment.
  • How many of the mission's where the same as the missions in Saints row 2, its not hard to notice really...its just changed some characters and enemies 
Over all

Over all i think that the game is load's of insane fun, my two main problems with the game are the fact the developers didn't seem to keep any secrets....and that just made the game a bit less exciting for me, the few cool things they hadn't released in a trailer where pretty awesome but as i said in the bad points i feel it would have made the game more exciting if you found things like the apocofist, Saints row has evolved, a lot like a Pokemon,   in to a game franchised that was just a cartoony alliterative to GTA into GTA's insane brother that hits things with dildos and love's laser...and that's what makes the game amazing
I don't like ratings so i am just going to say i really really think that who ever read's this should buy the game as i think it will be at least a contender for game of the year